Let's introduce ourselves

We are a rural family and live in Lousakies of the Municipality of Kissamos, Chania. Our village is located in a valley, at an altitude of 200 meters and a distance of 4 kilometers from the sea.

We settled in the settlement “Merada” around 1750 where we live to this day. Our main occupation since then has been the cultivation of olives and vines.

We cultivate 20 hectares of olives and 5 hectares of vines, all according to organic farming standards. Our primary purpose is to preserve the family tradition in cultivation and production, with absolute respect for nature and its fruit.

That is why highlighting the local flora and the peculiarities of the area – as expressed by the relief of the ground and the microclimate – is a consciously followed one-way street.

History of owners

Yiannis and Manos Pateromichelakis the twin brothers of the family decided in 2005 to revive the legacy and started experimental vinifications of romeiko,the most significant indigenous grape variety of Chania prefecture, and also mavrotragano, a very important black variety of the Cyclades


Kissamos has been famous for its viticulture and the production of wines that were massively exported to Mediterranean countries. A reputation that persists even today where olive groves have replaced the majority of vineyards.

The root cause is the Roman grape. Red indigenous variety, which has acclimatized as well as no other to the hot and sunny Cretan summer, the usually humid westerly winds and the strong and salty winds.
But this adaptability of hers, fatally led to very large hectare yields, often three times or even four times what modern oenology requires.

Thus the aromatic richness of the variety and the noble tannicity were sacrificed in the pursuit of high alcohol levels and large quantity.

In defiance of usual practices, we turned our pruning around for the benefit of quality. We have very limited production and we do up to three vintages in the same vineyard, in order to get the best possible fruit.


Restlessness, curiosity, searching have always been with us. Our place is the beginning, but its horizon is open to the whole world.
With a grape of high expectations, still enigmatic for most, we measure our strength. We carried out the first planting in Crete and its fruits immediately fascinated us.
We highlight a more delicate character, with more fresh fruit and less concentration, maintaining its balance, tannicity and aging dynamics.

Our wine collection

ῥῶ λευκός (ro white)

Light concentration of whole bunches of early harvest Romeico, vinified in stainless steel sur lie.

ῥῶ ερυθρός (ro red)

Ripe Romeica of selected harvest, 10 days extraction, partial aging in old oak.

ῥῶ γλυκός (ro sweet)

Overripe Rome grapes, red wine with only 45g. of sugars per liter.

Άβακας (avakas)

100% Assyrtiko, white wine with 15 days of fermentation 

μαῦρο (mavro)

Mavrotragano with 15 days of extraction, maturation in new oak barrels, but also in the bottle.

Excellent quality wine

In defiance of standard practice, we move for the benefit of quality. We greatly reduced the production and we do up to three harvests in the same vineyard, to get the best possible fruit.

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Merada, Lousakies

Kissamos – Chania

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