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We are a rural family dwelling a beautiful and fertile valley near the famous village of Loussakies in the Kissamos area (Prefecture of Chania).At an altitude of 200 meters and 4 kilometres from the sea, our main occupation has been for centuries the cultivation of olive trees and grapes. 

We own a 50 acres vineyard of organic farming of mavrotragano, romeiko, syrah, merlot (red wine varieties) as well as moschato, assyrtiko and malvasia aromatica (white wine varieties). We own a 200 acres of organic farming of olive trees koroneiki.

Our products are cultivated under the guidance of agriculturist experts and concern for the exosystem and top quality

olive oil

Cretan olive oil is known worldwide for its taste. Due to its geographical location in Mediterranean it makes it very special.


Kissamos has been famous for its viticulture and the production of wines that were exported en masse to the Mediterranean countries. A reputation that persists even today where olive groves have replaced the majority of vineyards.


In defiance of standard practice, we move for the benefit of quality. We greatly reduced the production and we do up to three harvests in the same vineyard, to get the best possible fruit.


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